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I have updated my links as well as the book recommendations. As learner of Sufism, this blog Tasawwuf is a personal notebook to jot in my thoughts and evidences I find related to my mystical path. I do not belong to any order, I feel at ease going back to the sources, the first sufis and their writings. Perhpas because I don't feel prone to orders or groups. My source of knowledge is among all the sufi masters, without differences of tariqaat. It is a personal path and my secondary companions are the rememembrances, the books and what I feel. As for sufi music, I believe the best sounds are the ones that we utter. Their vibrations so subtle that they become stronger than higher leveles of voices, musical instruments... The links I include on the faq section and other places are for information regarding sufism, its history, meaning and allegoric substance.

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    Interesting blog and interesting views. Surfed in via BlogElxplosion. Have a beautiful day.

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