ABU ‘L-FAYD DHU ‘L-NUN IBN IBRAHIM AL-MISRI. Second Chapter Risâla al-Qusháiri (First Part) Cont.

Dhu 'l-Nun said: "A sign that shows one loves Allah is when one loves the Beloved (pbuh) under the Beloved way of being (Ajlâq) imitating The Beloved, following the precepts and following the customs and attitudes (Sunna).

On one occasion he was asked who were the worse people and he replied:" those who don't know the Path to Allah and those who knowing it don't let others know about it".

One maghrebian assisted to Dhu 'l-Nun assembly (máÿlis) and asked him: "Oh, Abu 'l Faid, what was the reason for your Return (Tawba) towards Allah?"
Dhu 'l-Nun answered: "A surprising story that you could not bear (that you could not believe)".
The maghrebian insisted: "For the sake of the One you serve! Tell us this story!" And Dhu 'l-Nun said:
"One day I left Cairo to visit a certain village, and on the desert road, tiredness came to up to me, so I went under a tree's shade to sleep for a while. When I opened my eyes, there was a blind skylark that had fell down its nest. Suddenly, the ground opened and from it appeared two bowls, one in gold and the other in silver; the first one had sesame seeds and the other one water, and the skylark ate from the seeds and drank from the silver bowl.
Then I exclaimed:" Stop this! I come back to Allah", and I remained at the door until Allah accepted me.

Dhu 'l-Nun said: "Knowledge doesn't live in a stomach that is full of food. He was asked about the Tawba (the return to Allah) and he replied: "For most people, t is to leave back their awkwardeness. For a few only, it is to abandone any kind of disregard."

Picture of Tomb of Dhû l-Nûn al-Misrî

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