Whatever God created was it with a purpose. The moon now is half, when I look at it my impressions are not the same than when it is full. When it is full, my heart is exhalted with a passion that can be resumed in a song or a scream of happiness; now it's half and I feel a peace of heart calming and soothening all my senses. There is a meaning for it, God makes us exhalted and other times paceful. It is God's will. Now it's the time for reflexion.

Oh my God, how much I feel you in everything! The unknown sounds are a part of You, and I would like to be them just for You.

God, my heart is beating for You but when I feel human's love my feelings towards You become more precise. You created Love, the element that makes us aware of the good. My love for You is so little but so big in my heart. I love everything You created, even the creatures I am scared of. I think it is because I respected them. Heavens hold the hidden truth. What would I give to be able to see them, feel them deeply in my heart. Sometimes I feel that my body is nothing but a prison holding my soul. Only You God know the reason of things. The mist is hiding the moon, but I feel it in my heart; only You can make it possible for us to admire the universe, so endless in Your creative light, the colors, the senses. My soul belongs to You and vibrates for You. Humans hurt it so much that at times I wish I were only where I could feel You only. But I continue walking this path of pain and pleasure, knowing that only this way I will be able to reach You with tears of happiness.

The silence at dawn fills me with peace and serentity. You only can give me such moments. Only You, Creator, the Sublime Idea that realizes everything. I close my eyes to see You, Rabbina. Dawn comes up again, thanks to You. And the moon can be seen anew, the paceful moon, the big eyedrop crystalizing such Idea.

July 2002


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  1. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Beautiful words, thoughts, and feelings you are sharing. Thank you for doing so.

    Kindest wishes,


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