The things God created around the Earth are so perfect. The shapes of the planets and the wings of the birds, they are perfect, in harmony with the rest of other things. The wings are in harmony with the air, sometimes the birds will just fly to experiment the sweet feeling of playing with the air. And the fish with the water. They will dance just to feel that the element they live in is in harmony with their nature. Our element is which one in fact? We walk on the earth and breathe the air, and make fire and drink water. We need the four elements to survive but which one is the most important for us? Is it the earth? without it, we would drop by our bodies to the emptiness, or would be propulsed towards the void. But then, we are like the rest of the animals on the earth. What makes us different? This elelement called "counciousness", "intellect", we do possess it, we can feel it, we are those who can feel physically and emotionaly. Or is our real element our capacity to "create". Is it "imagination" the element that makes us live on this earth?. Going towards the line of endless feelings of happiness and pain? We try everyday to cope between these two sides. Sometimes we feel we are in harmony with our mind our spirit. Sometimes we feel we are not. But even though, isn't it as well our chaos perfect in its nature? A perfect chaos, we use to say sometimes.

I think the element is our soul. Without it we could not live, we would be walking death. But our soul is our element, and like the air, it cannot be seen with our eyes. This etheric element, so subtle it can't be touched. But so strong it can be felt and perceived. The more sensitive we are, the more we willuse our soul as an element of life and the more we will feel it in us and within the others. We live our lives according to the element in our nature that we use most. Our intellect, taken by the hand of the soul can reach beyond the stars. Our intellect taken by the hand of the mind only can survive, but not create, just realize.


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