What makes people be so afraid to say "I love you" Does love itself create a certain fear, that becomes bigger at the same time that love becomes bigger as well?

How can we humans be so mistaken, so blind in front of Love?

It's like the tree that lets a fruit grow with an incredible beauty. More than the other fruits in that tree, and yet the fruit cannot say for sure all its beauty comes from itself, it must come from the tree, the tree gives to the fruit its sap, and the fruit is happy but then is happier until it feels a strong love for the tree. But... Was the tree aware of all he was giving to the fruit? or was it on purpose? or was just unaware? So the fruit doesn't know what to think and the love it feels for the tree maybe is only his, and the doubts don't let it think, while the tree is afraid to tell the fruit his love. And life goes on until the fruit falls down the tree and is taken away by a child to his home. And never again the tree and the fruit will talk, no conversations anymore, and they will never know what the other felt. Love was so deep that it looked like an abyss. Fear took the place of love instead.


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