Open these gates,
with sweet tears.
Don't forget to sing
to the Adored
while they flow;
as the sweetest honey,
your tears become
the nectar of the ocean

It is is a simple song of Love
it touches your heart
and the hidden words
become a river
in your soul.

Let it flow,
let the memories
of past mistakes
be caressed by your own river,
a river of Love
that only asks for forgiveness.

When the Beloved is attained,
we see what is past
as a new beginning.
We see what will come
as what we have lived.

I had a guide.
He still is.
He does not know
how much inspiration
he brings
to this soul
that never forgot to flow
like a river
until an ocean
where the meaning of Love
cannot be comprehended by any word
or any thought.

It is the soul,
the biggest soul,
so distant from our conceptions,
so high and so true,
that takes our hand
to reach the stars.

In those stars
I still see this guide's eyes,
full of joy,
tears of joy,
songs of joy,
all in my hand.


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