Mystical Dimensions in Islam

Mystical Dimensions of Islam by Annemarie Schimmel

Annemarie Schimmel was a renowned German scholar of Islam. Amongst many others, this book explores the theme tasawwuf/sufism. Mystical Dimensions of Islam
presents, for the first time, a balanced historical treatment of the
transnational phenomenon of Sufism—Islamic mysticism—from its
beginnings through the nineteenth century. Through her sensitivity and
deep understanding of the subject, Annemarie Schimmel, an eminent
scholar of Eastern religions, draws the reader into the mood, the
vision, the way of the Sufi in a manner that adds an essential
ingredient to her analysis of the history of Sufism.

After exploring the origins of the mystical movement in the
meditations of orthodox Muslims on the Koran and the prophetic
tradition, the author then discusses the development of its different
stages, including classical voluntarism and postclassical theosophical
mystical trends. Particular emphasis is placed on spiritual education,
the different ways of leading the mystic toward the existential
realization of the profound mystery of the profession of faith that
“there is no deity but God.” Sufi psychology and Sufi orders and
fraternities are comprehensively explored.

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