the immensity of oneness
the level of anything
the incommensurable path
that I perceived
through old and vast corridors.

The perfume of freedom
The labor of life
and love
and death/

It was suddenly
that the name became more audible in my heart;
it became the words of a song that i always sing
especially when I dream.
Then it becomes like a fountain, a waterfall, a heavy rain
that sweeps my tears.

And it was like a figure, bowing, pleasing
that whispered Your Name again
or anew

But in any case,
I love to remember
the patient times
and the suffering.

They brought me an endless heaven to see
on the nights and days of songs filled with that name.

And now time only shows rivers drawing lines, hearts becoming more loving
enduring the human's creations
and the years that one day will never be.


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