Principles of Sufism. SABR

Sabr means "patience", "endurance"; the capacity to resist all the problems with a heart that remains calm and aware.

"You say you are a lover, then do not complain of the affliction of love;By complaining, do not make others informed of your affliction." (Fuduli)

"In order to be sustenance for man, a source of strength for his knees, a “light” for his eyes, and a substance for the maintenance of his life, a grain of wheat must be buried in the bosom of the earth, germinate under it, and grow to emerge into the air. It must come into the air after a fierce struggle with the earth, and then be sown and threshed, and ground in a mill. After that, it must be kneaded, baked in an oven, and, finally, chewed by teeth, sent into the stomach, and digested." (Rumi)

"If God Almighty has destined a servant of His to a rank or position which he cannot reach through his religious actions, He causes him to suffer from his own self and family, and equips him with patience to endure all his sufferings. He elevates him through patience to the rank to which he has destined him." (God's messenger, pbuh)

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    Wow mashallah. Was just looking up sabr on google and clicked on this link. Powerful stuff, especially the last Hadith.

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