I have taken again the book I used to have so close to me always...

Every night I said aloud one, two, three times these words and every day I added one. I had this notebook with butterflies on its cover, with a black background, very flower power colors and I wrote the words every night in subtle lines with a very dedicated calligraphy. I remember I said them aloud then I wrote them. My preferred words were of course tasawwuf, inaba, sabr (es-sabre gameel), shukr ( I had a lot for you), zuhd (so difficult to attain), tawakkul (this was the one I took more easily), mahabba ( it meant everything to me, my steps into the deepness of my faith, for example; but also life in general and especially its mysteries). I had many reasons for wishing to study these words, its meanings and lessons on sufism , like the difficult "rissala min al-qushayri" . I used to stay late and then I realized it was almost two in the morning. I had to continue with my work as well. But it was such a wonderful contemplation of the soul to read the wise people and all their teachings. Those sentences I had to read again and again to better understand and each time I loved more. And this book I bought it in the streets, in a very popular place where people sell books. As I said it was always close to me.


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