The marriage of Fatima and 'Ali, although inspired by the Angel Gabriel, also, like many marriages, had its vicissitudes...
One day when fatima and 'Ali were at odds with each other, Muhammad came to visit them. It is said that he lay down between them and had each of them place a hand on his belly. He told them to breathe with him and to remain together in that position until peace came to both of them. Sometime later he left their hut, smiling broadly. A companion who witnessed the difference in his countenance from when he had entered questioned him as to why he was now smiling. He responded that he was now smiling because the two people most beloved by him were now at peace.
I understand how much a person's love for another can make do things like this. I am this way but I would like to loose fear that when I do this, some of the persons in questions, or both of them refuse to touch their hands . Many times they can take it as "this is none of your business" but I still want it to happen. So, by doing good, I can be taken even as a dictator, as someone who interferes also in other people's lives. But what if I DO MIND? This happened with my brother and here people always say: this is his life, he is /she is adult and they do what they want with their lives. My question is, don't you think that sometimes, just sometimes, adults need to feel like children and let a hand guide them out of arrogance? Why adults refuse to feel the child inside and the need of feeling helped by someone ?

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