Three Pearls

Three pearls fell down the river, from my broken necklace. I let them go, let them see what I couldn’t, let them encounter adventures I would never dream of.

But don’t look at us, the pearls said while I glanced from the distance, and my feet started to wallk back home over the dusty ground.

Look at the pearls of the Unseen, you are lucky, we are almost there, and we are tears now. Not pearls. You are lucky, they said, for the waiting, the searching, the seeking, is the whole adventure, the great reward, where rivers of pearls become tears of joy. We are now tears going to encounter the ocean of Love. But you are still not there, so feel and cry, and suffer and smile and struggle, because this is where all the signs of Love can lead you to be what we are now. And I sighed and desired to be them.

Thoughts from a young girl.

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  1. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Very dream-like and beautiful...thank you for sharing this.

    All good wishes,


  2. Anonymous said...

    IS VERY GOOD..............................

  3. Maryam said...

    Thank you Mo'in :-)
    Salam, 林俊娟 !

  4. Anonymous said...

    This is a lovely blog.

  5. Maryam said...

    Thanks, salam

  6. Teresa Silverthorn said...

    Hello Maryam,

    I have been thinking about you and thought I would stop by. I hope you are well and happy.


  7. Maryam said...

    Dearest Teresa,

    Thank you for stopping by. Recently I am not having the time I used to to post here but I hope this will change soon if possible. Happy 2011 by the way! I am doing very good though, and wish the same and more to you.

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