PAL plans conference on Sufism

ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has planned to arrange three-day International Conference on Sufism from March 14. The official sources of the academy told this agency that 80 delegates from around 40 countries are expected to participate in the conference.
The notable personalities having diverse knowledge about sufism and mysticism will share their views on the occasion.
The international conference would provide a platform to more than 200 delegates within the country to participate in the conference.
Sources said that PAL would translate books of Sufi poets belonging all the four provinces in eight different languages.
The translated books would be given to all the participants as it will help to project true image of the country on international level.
The sources informed that a international conference was also arranged in 1995. The writings of Pakistani writers from all Pakistani languages were translated in UNESCO languages and sent to different countries.
These books are still the identity of Pakistani literature in libraries there. However, PAL has also decided to set up a National Translation Bureau in the academy through translating Pakistani literature in foreign languages and the foreign literature into Pakistani languages, the sources added.


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