Three Books on Sufism

You can read these books online.

The titles are:

Ikmalush Shiyam

Description : Ikmalush Shiyam (Perfection of Morals) is a treatise for the Muhibbeen (Lovers of Allah). Although every Mu’min is a Lover of Allah, this treatise is largely directed to the attention of the Muhibbeen who are conscious of Divine Love. Nevertheless, it will benefit even the unconscious lovers by inducing in them some consciousness of the love lying dormant in their hearts which have been created for being the Abodes of Divine Love. Since Ikmalush Shiyam is a treatise for Muhibbeen, it speaks the language of love – Divine Love. Thus, the book abounds with paradoxes and seemingly contradictory calls and cries sounded for the guidance of those who understand the language of Allah’s Love. The advices and prescriptions herein are balm for the Souls searching the Path of Love, leading to their Beloved, Allah Azza Wa Jal. This book is not for the rational probing of a sceptic mind stunted by crass materialism.
Author : Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Gangohi

Scattered Pearls

Description : This is a short compilation of selected sayings and anecdotes of the illustrious Auliyaa (the special friends—saints) of Allah Ta'ala. The perpetuation of Islam in its original purity has been ensured by the various classes of Auliyaa among whom are also found the great Fuqaha, Muhadditheen and Mufassireen. The sayings and anecdotes presented in this book belong to the domain of Islamic morality, spirituality and the remembrance of Allah, which in fact is the goal of life. No order has been observed in this compilation. It is essentially a book of Naseehat—advice and admonition.
Author : Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa

Shariat and Tasawwuf

Description : A SINCERE Wali of Allah is the Representative (Khalifah) of Allah Ta’ala on earth. He is the rooh (soul) of creation. All creation exists on his presence. Everything supplicates for the grace emanating from his spiritual effulgence. His heart and brain are the repositories of Divine Knowledge and Grace. Allah Ta’ala has decreed him (the Wall) as His special servant and has grated him the closest of proximity. Allah Ta’ala has expanded his breast for the understanding of the meaning of His Kalaam (The Qur’aan Shareef). Allah Ta’ala has granted him the Knowledge of the Qur’aan and has revealed to him the inner meanings and realities of the verses so that he may guide mankind and cure its spiritual maladies. He (the Wall) has been appointed by Allah Ta’ala to execute the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof (Commanding virtue) and Nahu anil Munkar (prohibiting evil)
Author : Hadhrat Maulana Maseehullah Khan

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