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Sufis of Sindh
Dr. Motilal Jotwani (1986)

Early Turkish Mystics in Turkish Literature (2006)
Memed Faud Koprula

Discourses of Rumi (It is What It is - Fihi Ma Fihi) (1999-2000)
A. J. Arberry

The Persian Mystics: Jalalud Din Rumi (1912)
F. Hadland Davis

The Sufism of Rubaiyat (1908)
Norton F. W. Mazeldin

Life of Omar Al-Khayyami(1905)
J. K. M. Shirazi

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (1900)
Edward FitzGerald

Sufism Omar Khayyam and E. Fitzgerlad (1915)
A. Bjerregaard

Thanks to Academy of Punjab in North America

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