Sufis and Jesus

Christianity is rooted in the belief that Jesus is the Son of God, so is Islam’s version of Christ a source of tension, or a way of building bridges between the world’s two largest faiths?

The Sufi philosopher al-Ghazali described Jesus as "the prophet of the soul" and the Sufi master Ibn Arabi called him "the seal of saints".
An article by Mehdi Hasan about a new book by the former Cambridge professor of Arabic and Islamic studies Tarif Khalidi on

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  1. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Thank you for this link. I found it to be a very good article.

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  2. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    I add that this article, and several posts on Sadiq's mysticsaint blog, have been sweet nourishment lately in reference to Isa, son on Maryam.

    I thank you for this.

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    Interesting article and photo :)

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