The science of Sufism and Saint

The science of Sufism and Saint may confuse small mind like mine. But I would like to explain my feeling or my point of view regarding the mysteriousness of this. In my opinion a saint is not a religious leader sort of person who has a particular way of dressing and a lonely life-style. Instead, in my opinion a saint is a person who leads a simple disciplined life with a motto of "Service Above Self". He is a person who has crossed the barrier that bars from being spiritual. A Sufi is least concerned about his own problems but is always active to solve the problems and sufferings of his fellow beings. This means you can become a saint if you don't blame others for the ill-circumstances but always try to change the surroundings and create a positive environment for all. So, help the poor, care the sick and the old and never do injustice. For me, living in an Isolation and praying to Almighty may not be a virtue for being a Sufi. You have to blend-in and take charge, need a great WILL POWER. And this can be achieved by having faith in omni-presence of Supreme Power i.e. God. Nothing is hidden from him. So, always do good deeds. He is always there to help you if you are right. So, if your will to serve the humans is a genuine one, he will definitely pave the way for it.

The Science of Sufism

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  1. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Thank you for this post. What a simple yet deep motto: "Service above self!"

    Kindest wishes,


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