Principle of Love and Attraction



bg From: Sufism and Knowledge - M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi

The Principle of Love and Attraction transcends limited and changeable attachments, dependencies, and emotions. Love is a fundamental principle of existence, a field of attraction, and a rapture that embraces the entirety of human existence.

Hazrat Molana Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha states: "Love is an all–pervading electromagnetic force, which unites and connects all aspects of existence, from the smallest particle to the whole infinite universe."

The seeker of the truth, through the center of "I", connects to the love and attraction of the whole of existence. "This attraction unites every aspect of existence; it connects human beings to their source of life, to their stable center, the "I". The center of "I" functions as a magnet that captures all energies, love, and attractions that exist in the universe."

Through the power of love, all imaginary boundaries and distances are shattered and the law of La illaha illa Allah (there is no god but God), which is the law of unity, manifests. This is how the seeker of the truth, through the power of love, recognizes the reality of the teaching of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), when the Prophet stated "You be You." Your reality is the Reality of Existence.

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