Afterwind's story: Happiness laughed in my ear

I have not always been unfamiliar to the concepts of 'real love' and Spirituality since my my late teen age, as I touched it at different occasions. Ishrat Ali Abdi, a poet and my teacher during interpreting the beautiful verses of Urdu poetry put some light on the ideas and concepts of Sufism, which were abundantly displayed in the poetic culture of Muslim India. That was the first time, when I came to know about 'wahdat al-wujud' and 'wahdat ash-shahud' in literature. I started writings my own poems, and my poems had also got a colour of Sufism as traditional poetry had, and the main concepts of my writings became to be about God, love, the feminine beauty and moral culturedness etc. Still my approach was superficial. Though I touched the surface through literature, but had never pierced the wall which was standing between my world and the spirituality.


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