The Science of Sufism


“The science of Sufism and Saint may confuse small mind like mine. But I would like to explain my feeling or my point of view regarding the mysteriousness of this.
In my opinion a saint is not a religious leader sort of person who has a particular way of dressing and a lonely life-style. Instead, in my opinion a saint is a person who leads a simple disciplined life with a motto of "Service Above Self". He is a person who has crossed the barrier that bars from being spiritual.
A Sufi is least concerned about his own problems but is always active to solve the problems and sufferings of his fellow beings. This means you can become a saint if you don't blame others for the ill-circumstances but always try to change the surroundings and create a positive environment for all. So, help the poor, care the sick and the old and never do injustice….”


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