Alhambra and Sacred Geometry



Islam in Spain among others have greatly influenced Christian Mystic Thoughts. Strange as it may seem, some of the most important mystical symbols used by St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila are of Islamic origin, specially that of Spanish Sufis. Miguel Asín Palacios, Spain’s foremost Arabist, was able to trace St. John’s dark night of the soul to the Shadilite school of mysticism, as well as St. Theresa’s seven concentric castles to an anonymous 16th-century treatise called the Nawadir. What the critics have deemed extremely mysterious and “original” in Spanish mysticism is, in many ways, just the adaptation of Islamic mystical symbols. And Alhambra and other great places of Spain are witness of such influence.




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  1. Mo'in said...

    A most interesting article. Thank so much, Dear Maryam.

    I liked very much Alex Gray's comment in reference to Alhambra, that is, "The Soul is made visible."

    All good wishes,


  2. Maryam said...

    Dear Mo'in,

    Thank you for your great comments. I am planning to go to Andalousia with my father this year and visit Alhambra and other places as well. The Soul is made visible... what a beautiful way to describe it!

    Kind thoughts,


  3. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    It would be very nice to read your words about the visit to Alhambra (and other places). Perhaps you could post them on your blog.

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  4. Maryam said...

    Insha'Allah I will!

    Thank you my Dear

    Ya Haqq,


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