Sufi singers want Sufism to live forever in the hearts of people

By Karan Kapoor(ANI)

Ludhiana, April 2 (ANI): For centuries, Sufism has spread a unique meaning of love to the mankind through soulful renditions in the praise of God. But today several Sufi singers believe that there is need to keep it alive.

To preserve the tradition of Sufi singing- various artists, intellectuals and poets recently converged here.

A discussion was held on ‘Sufism’ and what should be done to prevent it from fading into history.

Punjab Sahitya Akademi invited noted Sufi artists and scholars who touched upon various aspects of traditional Indian Sufism.

Leading the group was renowned musicologist and performer Dr. Madan Gopal Singh who enthralled the gathering with his exposition.

The dominant concern of all participants on this occasion was the waning popularity of Sufi music.

"The reason behind youngsters taking less interest in Sufi singing is because culture in musical Gharanas (traditional families) has changed. Modernisation has changed the scenario and a number of old and priceless traditions are losing their charm. So, in this era, it is important to keep alive such traditions otherwise they will disappear and people will forget them," said Dr. Namwar Singh, music critic.

"The serenity and the feeling of making others feel great that we see in our Indian culture come to us from the Sufi singers. They came to India with the Mughal rulers. But they didn’t sing about and for the government. They sang for people and that’s the reason why the Sufi singers like Baba Bulle Shah and Baba Fareedji received great respect in the country," said Dr. Sukhdev Singh of the Punjab Sahitya Akadmi.

Besides, on this occasion, traditional Sufi singers from Rajasthan, Manganiars, delighted the audience with their music and made it a lively event.

"There are two letters in the word ’su’ and ‘fi’, which means that we should not harm the feelings of any religion. Sufi’s chant both Ram and Allah. They say neither they are Muslims nor Hindus but they are human beings," said Idrim Khan, a Sufi Singer.

Punjabi Singer Barkat Sidhu also brought alive the classical traditions of the great Gharanas of Punjab with his rich repertoire.

"In monetary terms, Sufism has nothing. But it is very rich in spiritual terms. People, who sing in other languages run after money. But Sufi singing is devoted to God and its singers receive appreciation and respect from people. Sufi singing is priceless," said Barkat Sidhu, Punjabi Sufi singer.

Sufism is generally described as an eternal quest of the soul for the supreme power. And, music is the medium through which the Sufis travel to a state of mystical bliss.

Sufism celebrates life and the divine through music, the medium that each and every one of us understand beyond linguistic barriers. By Karan Kapoor(ANI)

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