The Sufi Path

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My Name is Red ....Classical Sufi scholars have defined Sufism as “a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God.” Sufism refers to a group of mystical Muslim movements. It uses music, dancing and other means to reach a state of communion with God.

It is analogous in some senses to the Bhakti movement in Hinduism and to the various Christian monastic movements such as that of St Francis of Assisi. The Sufi path consists in cleansing the heart from whatever is other than Allah.

A Persian poem tells us what The Sufi Path (Tasawwuf ) is:

What is Tasawwuf? Good character and awareness of God.
That’s all Tasawwuf is. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Love and affection.
It is the cure for hatred and vengeance. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? The heart attaining tranquility–
which is the root of religion. And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Concentrating your mind,
which is the religion of Ahmad (pbuh). And nothing more.

What is Tasawwuf? Contemplation that travels to the Divine throne.
It is a far-seeing gaze. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is keeping one’s distance from imagination and supposition.
Tasawwuf is found in certainty. And nothing more.

Surrendering one’s soul to the care of the inviolability of religion;
this is Tasawwuf. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the path of faith and affirmation of unity;
this is the incorruptible religion. And nothing more.

Tasawwuf is the smooth and illuminated path.
It is the way to the most exalted paradise. And nothing more.

I have heard that the ecstasy of the wearers of wool
comes from finding the taste of religion. And nothing more.



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  1. Liara Covert said...

    Love is a very clever and powerful teacher.

  2. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Thank you for this post!

    Firstly, I love the Persian poem. How beautiful!

    Secondly, I enjoyed reading the rest of the article. I very much liked the article and, particularly, little tidbits to include:

    1. The emphasis upon the celebration of diversities.
    2. "Not to have extra-territorial loyalty"
    3. "Not to denigrate other faiths as false or inferior, but rather to learn from the best that each faith has to offer."
    4. And I really like Advani's statement, "Let us be good human beings first."

    Kindest wishes,


  3. Unknown said...

    could u pls tell me about the illustration?

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