A Journey Beyond the Physical World

Mateen Ansari • Aug 17th, 2008

A property developer turned director Ayesha khan has decided to take
us on a journey beyond the physical world. Unhappy with the way Islam
is depicted in the western media, she decided to take matters into her
own hand and talk about SUFISM.

Based in Lahore KASHF revolves around two cousins, Armaghan and Ali.
Armaghan is born out of an oath his mother makes to a Sufi Pir that her
child will “walk the Sufi path when he grows up”. He returns to
Pakistan after 25 years unaware of the secret about to change his life
and whereas Ali is on his own path of self - discovery to become a
Lollywood star. The movie brings to screen a lot of new faces, some off
whom have never even acted before...


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