Subscription Updates

I have fixed the problem regarding FeedBlitz and R-mail, the two subscription services that I have included on this blog (see left Pane).
FeedBlitz did not reach my account since Gmail reinforced the spam filters. So everything was sent to the spam folder. If you use FeedBlitz and are not receiving the updates for this blog, please check the spam folder and add the service to your contacts.

Regarding R.mail.. this service has migrated to another website and has a new name: Therefore, the account at R-mail is inexistent since a few weeks ago. Please, check under the FeedBlitz service on this page (Left Pane) and see the new widget for in the case you would like to subscribe to this blog using their free service.

The spam politic has given problems to the subscription delivery but we only have to think it is for the best:-)

Ya Haqq,


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