I want to loose myself in this unknown path
Follow the footsteps,
Reach the dream

I want to feel,
Vibrate with emotion,
And allow myself to be taken by the wind,
The ocean,
Never forgetting I am lost in nothingness,
In everything,
In this life that breathes life
Through roads un-named,
Where questions cease to exist
Where there are no doubts and no expectations,
And nothing succumbs to depression.

To know that I do not know where I am,
Yet I am, I exist, I survive within my own dream.
I want to know that hands throw kisses of love,
Without discriminating who they reach.
Sprinkle the stars with tenderness
And slide along the sparkle of their eyes.

I want to wait, and wake, and feel in that moment
As if it would never happen
As if, still a little girls,
I suddenly came to know the meaning of everything
Without even knowing how to read

The more I know, the further I am from discovering
the true way of “knowin”, observing, meditating,
and throwing myself into the great vacuum of the Everything.


Kindly translated to English from Spanish by Rabs. Thank you Dearest for your appreciation and beautiful comments.

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