Following with the Glossary study , we are now going to understand the meaning of (Es Sabr, being constant...) in Sufism

"Being constant" means to have the heart to the disposition of the divine decissions. For the common people, being constant means to confine the heart obeying the most difficult prescriptions and to refuse the transgressions. To the elite, it means to confine the soul to pious exercises and spiritual disciplines and it is also to face and defy the dangers that one encounters along the mystical path (tariq al-ahwal); this patience and dedication comes also with the "surveillance of the heart" (muraqabat al-qalb), which by all means tries to keep in a state of concentration (hudur) and to look for the veils uplifting.
As for being constant in the chosen ones, it is the spirit confinement (al-ruh) and also the confinement of the innermost secret (al-sirr) in the glory (al-hadra) of the contemplations and of the visions (al-mushahadat, va'l-mu' ayanat).
Or even, it is the constant dwelling (dawam al-nazra) and the keeping of the Divine Presence (al-'ukuf fi'l hadra).

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