5. rajá


The "hope" is the peace of heart awaiting the object of its love, along with the intense searching for the means leading to it, if not it is a simple and vain desire.

As for the common popularity, hope means to attain a perfect term (husn al-ma'aab) by obtaining the reward [paradise]. Hope means to the elite to attain the divine satisfaction and the approach of God. Hope means to the chosen ones to obtain a strong vision (shuhuud) and to progress onwards in the knowledge of the secrets (asraar) of the worshiped King.

Fear and hope are, to the heart, very alike to the two wings of a bird, without them the bird could not be able to fly. Maybe, nevertheless, hope remains present in the gnostics ('arifuun) and fear in the virtuous (saalihuun)

(Translated from

Glossaire du Soufisme. Ibn 'Agiba. A. Saleh Hamdan)

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