Rumi, the poet of nations

By Ismail Salami

Today, the greatest mystic poet is read and appreciated throughout the world as a poet of all nations. The reason is clearly the plethora of sublime messages communicated through the medium of a simple language.

Today, the whole world bears testimony to the grandeur and sublimity of this great poet who did not hesitate to bring all people into union through his poetry. Regardless of any religion the readers may have, they are readily absorbed into his poetry for it embodies all the human qualities they seek.

Thirteen centuries have passed since his death; yet, his poetry has never ceased to fascinate and mesmerize people and as time goes on, the lovers of his poetry increase day by day. Language works miracles in his poetry and Rumi is a pure miracle-worker.

One wonders if there is a better poet than Rumi in the whole world who so clearly communicated the message of brotherly and divine love. Love is a quality which is being consigned into oblivion in the modern world and the poet clearly succeeds in infusing a new life into the hearts of people through this everlasting concept.

Through love, he says, all bitter things turn sweet. If just for a minute the readers came to think of the miraculous power of love of which he speaks, there would be no room for ennui, war, and enmity in the world.

Who is this cleric-cum-poet who has cast the fire of love into hearts of people all across the globe? What does he say which appeals to every heart and mind?

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