I feel that the void has taken me into depths that I could have never imagined....

But the void has taken me to the loving soul of the last of the times, the last time of the lovers, the last and ultimate word of the wise ones. The echoes that forever whisper and sing with sounds of honey and perfume longtime forgotten.
I have walked into the dreams of pure love, between the desire to know and to not yet see...
If a word made me wonder, or cry or smile, I suddenly let the dreams take the real facts that I was going to see what I want myself to forbid to see. The peaceful hummingbird after the ecstasy of true love took me to places in the soul that were filled with keys. And I opened one and another and then everything was closed again to my heart. And I ...

and I remember that voice begging me to stay, to not move , to not leave... that voice that was my friend, and perhaps also the flame around me. I long for it, and long for the misunderstanding caused too much grief.

But where are we, travelers of the soul, with a thirst to learn that consumes our spirit?
Where are we, doves of nowhere, always finding the true reasons of our existence?
Where can we stop for a while and readjust our inner self?
We never have time to stop and think... because we are forever feeling too much, evolving with our veils down our feet. The true beginning of a sufi path...


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  1. ELISABETH A. RUIZ said...

    SO true, so beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Mo'in said...

    Dear Maryam,

    Very beautiful...thank you.

    Good wishes,


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