The man was standing still far from the crowd who were walking around the Sacred Stone. While they walked they whispered inaudible prayers which, pronounced by so many attendants gave the feeling of a thousand echoes suddenly tangible by the end of one's fingers. That man stood watching the center of that universe: a black veil covering something so sacred and so trascendental that it seemed that, under the veil it moved like an eye watching in all senses, slowly, rhytmically, while the people walked around it. The man had been walking many days and many nights and sometimes he had not been able to see the stars because of sandstorms and lost his way for three times. That man was now there, and he was not able to move, he had been walking to encounter the unknown. In his state of soul, he felt that the truth was under that veil, that so many people ignored it, while it was watching everything, everybody, every soul and every heart. Then the man, started to do something he used to: he started not to think, but to reflect on what was happening around him. People were building the most sophisticate engines able to cross the atmosphere and travel to regions so far away it was almost impossible to decipher their distance. They were also building theh most expensive machinery to study the inside of the earth, quantities of money, opulent businessmen were involved with scientists, scholars of all kinds to search for the truth. Some were even pointing at the idea of kicking the sun with an enormous engine, in order to know , to understand, the begining of our solar system, the begining of constellations, the beginning of life.
While that man was pondering about all these matters, he was feeling at the same time that, under that black veil, an eye was moving and watching, it was the stone , Adam's stone, it was there, and it was there and not so far that the knowledge of life was helding, that the keys for understanding and the answers for so many questions didn't need the biggest engines, maybe on the contrary, werent' they getting then far from the truth? Or maybe, isn't the explanation here as well? Isn't it , would 'nt it be right here, in front of our very eyes? Like the wise man who asked five men a very difficult question to be solved, the enigmatic question that the five men tried by all means to get with an answer. For this matter they spent days and nights studying and practising with instruments, thinking that the difficult questions need always difficult answers. When finally the wise man asked the men what the answer to his question was, two could not give an answer, two gave an incorrect answer and one only said that he had not understood the question.
"The answer", the wise man said, "has always been there, watching you, but you were completely absorbed by thoughts and principles. If you had seen what was on the table that separated us, you would had seen a key. The key. And the key opens that door over there. And over there there is an old writing explaining the answer."

So perhaps, if we don't look so far, we will see that something is really waiting to be seen. Not only as a cherised element, but as a key for humanity. And a book, in old times, was not in paper, as you know, it was made in clay, and some in stone, and an aerolite, could it be also a key, a book, if we take the meaning of something that is said to have come from the stars in the shape of a stone?

So that man started to cry, because he felt the rythm of that eye, his emotion increased and his tears made his eyes look through the liquid salt, until he sat down and sighed saying "Oh, Beloved, the True Watcher of Mankind. Under this veil lays more than what we can ever imagine."
"Lover of Truth", a strong voice said to his ears, "you don't need to lift up any veil. But you should veil your eyes by closing them and then is when you will see everything."



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