The darkest night

My God,

Tonight maybe,
Tonight is coming filled with tears,
The sun is a handkerchief
but it doesn't stop what I feel.
And I understand how it is,
that something without proper light
something dark, needing light to be seen
is more powerful than a thousand candles;
so clear,
it comes little by little.
The calendar that has loosing days
the sun REGIS ...
does it, in truth?
Could it be that what is straight for our understanding,
would be taken as a childish play in The Unseen?

Our logic, the making of straight decissions, date calendars
for our benefit
maybe is not what we think.
Others are losing the moons and the stars
for the sake of the sun.

I don't know, but I feel
I feel it could happen tonight.
And I want to wait, second by second,
like another theory of relativity, another evidence.
The one that walks on my face, candle flame of warming smiles.
Veils falling down, eyes wide open,
those of my heart,
those of my very own eyes.
To see, feel, touch, smell, hear
without turning my mind out from The Seen.
You are also Here.
And not just in The Unseen.

Tenderly, something becomes a moving heart inside my heart.
A dancing soul embraced to mine.
I discover the night of darkness
the most brilliant night.


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