Who will stand up for us

It makes us face our problems and stand up if we fall. I see it through the way I pray, it's clear, when it makes us put on the ground and then makes us stand up. it has psychologically a very important benefit when we have to face problems in our lives. if we fall, we must stand up. but how? and how easy when we do this all the time through our prayer? it's simple then to face problems. we are used not to look up and ask for help but to look down and feel what it is to bite the dust. Subhana Allah. Who will stand up for us? The answer is we are capable of standing up for us; but sadly, we have seen how people have deified other people, asking to solve their problems and not asking to give them strenght to be able to solve them themselves. The result is, we are still suffering and the important is not how much we do suffer but how we face it, how we handle it. This is what makes us different and unique.


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